Alexander and Olivia
Registration # 6651, 6652
D.O.B. 12/07, 04/16

HI! We are Alexander and Olivia!

"I have a yellow belt in karate!" - Alexander

"I like to play!" - Olivia

Alexander and Olivia are a Caucasian sibling group of two. Alexander, age nine, is entering the fourth grade this academic school year. He is described as a generally happy child who is “quick witted”. He has participated in both swimming and karate lessons, which he loves. Alexander’s current foster home has a dog and Alexander enjoys being around animals. Alexander has shared it is important to him that his future family like to be active rather than watch television and like to cook meals together. He hopes a future family will allow him to play football.

Olivia age one is a content toddler. She receives supportive services for her developmental delays and continues to make progress! She currently attends daycare where she is described as smiley and happy.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, the children currently have visitation with their birth parents and siblings who are placed separately. The children are currently placed in the same foster home and enjoy being together. It would be helpful for the children to be in a two parent home so each child can have individualized attention. Alexander has voiced he would like other children to be in the home that he could play with that are his age or older.

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