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D.O.B. 12/05

HI! My name is Kiley.

"I hope my future family has a pet dog!"

Kiley is an twelve-year old Caucasian girl who describes herself as someone who is talkative, energetic, funny and also serious. She is great at being honest, being a kind friend and showing people she cares about them. Kiley has many interests and enjoys trying to new things. She likes to be active whether it is hiking, playing sports or going on a new adventure. Kiley also enjoys activities such as swimming, gymnastics, video games and shopping. She plays the clarinet and can often be heard singing along to different pop songs on the radio. When Kiley isn’t engaged in one of these several activities, she is most likely drawing or reading her American Girl Doll books. When Kiley grows up, she wants to be a social worker and help others in need. Academically, Kiley is above grade level. She loves to read and does very well in math.

Video by Kent Earle

Legally freed for adoption, Kiley would flourish in a family that will encourage her to express her feelings and advocate for her in the community. When Kiley was asked what she wanted in her forever family, she said she doesn't care what type of home she is in, as long as she can have a family that will care about her. She would love to have her own room and a pet if possible. Kiley’s social worker believes she would likely do best with a single female parent or two mothers. Interested families will need to abide by an Open Adoption Agreement with Kiley’s birth mother consisting of two visits per year. The family should also be willing to maintain Kiley’s connection to her sister.

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