Alexis & Matthew
Registration # 6581, 6580
D.O.B. 05/10, 06/09

HI! We are Alexis and Matthew.

“I love anything Hello Kitty!"
- Alexis

“I like reading!" - Matthew

Alexis, age seven, and Matthew, age eight, are loving and caring siblings of Caucasian descent. Alexis is sweet and quiet but she also likes to have fun. She is very affectionate toward Matthew and her other four siblings. She enjoys arts and crafts and playing outside. She wants to be part of whatever activity others are doing. Alexis also gets along well with her foster siblings. She would thrive with one-on-one attention from a parent in the home who would do a simple bonding activity like brushing out her hair while talking with her. Alexis attends first grade and is academically on target.

Matthew is a very smart and funny boy who is also academically on target. He likes to tell stories and joke around but he can also be serious when he wants to be. He likes playing outside, reading and watching sports on TV. He sometimes misplaces his home work and may need reminders to bring it home and pass it in. He attends an after school program that he enjoys and where he participates in play activities. Matthew does well in his present foster parents and their children in the home.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Alexis and Matthew would do well in any family constellation with or without other children. They will need a loving family that is committed to keeping them in contact with their siblings and one that can provide them with a structured and stable home setting.

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