Adonijah, Gershwin & Zenyla
Registration # 6557, 6558. 6559
D.O.B. 02/10, 03/11, 01/13

HI! We are Adonijah, Gershwin, and Zenyla.

“I am a proud big brother!"
- Adonijah

“I am very inquisitive!" - Gershwin

“I am glad that I live with my brothers." - Zenyla

Adonijah “Adi”, Gershwin & Zenyla are an African-American sibling group of three who are very close. Adi is a seven-year old boy who is sweet and personable. He loves to play with cars, drawing & playing on his brother’s tablet. After college he would like to become either the President of the United States or become a police officer. Adi is currently in first grade where he is on grade level.

Gershwin is six-years old and is smart and expressive. Since living with his siblings in the same foster home Gershwin has made tremendous progress at preschool. He will enter Kindergarten in the fall. Gershwin loves playing racing games on his tablet and riding his bike.

Zenyla, age four, is personable and funny. She loves to dance! She also loves to draw and “read” books aloud based on the pictures. Zenyla currently attends preschool, which she enjoys.

Legally freed for adoption, their social worker is open to exploring single or two parent families who feel they can help the children remain connected to family members that are important to them. It would be reasonable to expect the children would need to return a few times a year to Massachusetts if matched out of state. Their social worker is seeking a family where the siblings would be the only children or the youngest children. 

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