Registration # 6541
D.O.B. 07/09

HI! My name is Noah.

"I love to explore under rock for bugs and worms!"

Noah is a healthy and curious eight year boy of Caucasian descent. He is adventurous and loves to be outside; either climbing a tree or looking for insects and interesting animals. He also has a close connection to all animals and enjoys feeding, petting and playing with them. Noah is a sweet and kind child who seeks the love and attention of others. In addition to all his other attributes Noah has exceptional upper body strength and has a passion for both tree and rock climbing!

Although fearless, Noah is a reserved child who usually likes to play alone. Recently Noah recognized the lack of relationships that he has with his peers and is trying to connect with them and have appropriate relationships. Noah does well in school and is on par developmentally. He has an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for support when needed. His fearlessness has also helped him address his past history and he is now ready to open up and tell his story.

Legally freed for adoption, Noah will need a family that provides him with substantial structure and supervision. Any supportive family constellation would be appropriate. It would be beneficial to Noah if his birth mother and siblings still remained a part of his life.

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