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D.O.B. 12/13

HI! My name is Jeffrey.

"I love to play!"

Jeffrey is an affectionate 4-year-old boy of Cape Verdean descent who loves to cuddle and give hugs. Jeffrey’s foster mother describes him as a giggly, joyful little boy who has a fantastic sense of humor and a great laugh. Some of Jeffrey’s favorite activities are listening to music, dancing, playing on playgrounds and getting to play outside. He also loves the water whether he is swimming or taking a bath.

Jeffrey is on the Autism spectrum and mainly uses a supportive picture system and sign language to communicate and have his needs met. These tools along with other supportive services and the commitment of his foster family have helped Jeffrey achieve many gains in his development. Recently, Jeffrey’s foster mother reported he has gained wonderful receptive language skills, and he knows about one dozen signs. Jeffrey loves to eat, so many of the signs he knows are related to food.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, an ideal placement for Jeffrey would be with a family who can be committed to having Jeffrey reach his full potential. Jeffrey’s social worker is looking for either a single or two-parent family with or without other children in the home. Jeffrey does great with other children and it would be beneficial if his future family have other children for him to play and build a relationship with. Due to the nature of Jeffrey’s medical needs, his future caregivers should have a solid support system and a flexible job.

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