Willie & Willene
Registration # 6530, 6529
D.O.B. 01/10, 01/10

HI! We are Willie and Willene.

"We want to be adopted together!"

Willie and Willene are seven year old twins who are of African American and Caucasian descent. Willie and Willene enjoy playing outside and riding bikes. Willie enjoys playing with cars and Legos and Willene enjoys using the iPad. Willene can be shy and quiet at times, but once she is comfortable she can be quite social. Willie can be shy and quiet as well upon first meeting him. He opens up when playing with his Legos. Willene can go with the flow; Willie will need time to prepare for transition. Willie can be more active and can require more redirection.

Willie and Willene will be entering into the first grade. Although Willie does well academically, he needs support with his social and emotional skills. Willene enjoys school and likes to be helpful.

Videography by Joe Sandagato

Willie and Willene would do best in a two parent family of any constellation with older children or no other children. Willie and Willene will need a family who is nurturing but will also set limits. Willie and Willene currently live in separate foster homes and look forward to living together again.

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