Antonio and Desirae

Antonio & Desirae
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D.O.B. 09/09, 05/14

HI! We are Antonio and Desirae.

"My favorite foods are mashed potatoes
and chicken!" - Antonio

" I love princesses!" -Desirae

Antonio and Desirae are a sibling group of two of Hispanic descent. Antonio, is described as a protector of his younger sister. He loves to talk, has a great sense of humor and likes to play with Legos! When describing his future family he shared he wants to live in a “white house” with a mom and dad and a brother who is ten years old! He hopes that his future family also has a dog. Antonio is currently in the first grade where he does well. He gets along well with his peers and enjoys playing games and socializing with them.

Desirae, is a happy and playful toddler. She loves to play with her brother and other children in her foster home! She has received Early Intervention services since birth that will end in May 2017 when she turns three. Desirae loves to play dress up and wear costumes! She currently attends a home based daycare and enjoys socializing and being with other children.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Antonio and Desirae should be placed in a home together! Their social worker is open to exploring single or two parent families with or without other children.

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