Paul and Olivia

Paul and Olivia
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HI! We are Paul and Olivia!
"I like to sled and have now ball fights!" - Olivia

"I like to make music on my computer!" - Paul

Paul age fifteen, and Olivia age five, are a Caucasian sibling group who enjoy being together. Paul is a freshman at a technical high school where he loves his shop class. He shared he particularly likes when he gets to work on fixing cars. He has a very positive relationship with his foster parents. Paul likes attending church with his foster family and he has even had a speaking role. Paul describes himself as a hard worker and creative. Some of his many strengths are that he is kind to others, polite, and enjoys volunteering.

Olivia is currently in Kindergarten. She is said to have solid skills in class and she is working on both expanding her vocabulary skills and learning how to solve problems independently. She is described as creative and independent. She can at time struggle wen activities when they are not centered around her. She loves to be outside on the trampoline and swings. She also liked the snow this winter and participating in sledding and snow ball fights.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Paul and Olivia are looking forward to being able to live in the same home together as they are currently in separate foster homes. They will need a family that is able to maintain the current visitation with their biological mother twice a month. Paul also has monthly visitation with his biological father. A family should be open to the possibility of an open adoption agreement post-adoption.

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