Registration # 6463
D.O.B. 11/07

HI! My name is Anastasia.

"I want to be a gymnast and
compete in the Olympics!"

Anastasia is a happy, friendly and bubbly nine-year-old girl of Caucasian descent. She is outgoing and enjoys making new friends. Anastasia is very adaptable and loves being a part of a family. She is interested in cheerleading and gymnastics. Although she has never had the chance to participate in these activities, she has taught herself how to do cartwheels and back bends, and is eager to learn more.

Anastasia gets along well with the members of her foster home and is well liked by her teachers at school. She clearly enjoys learning. Over the past year Anastasia has gained more confidence in herself and tries to problem-solve on her own before asking an adult for help.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Anastasia will do well in a loving home of any constellation that can offer her emotional support and help her engage in activities. She will do best being the youngest in the home, as she tends to look up to older children as role models. A family should be open to contact with Anastasia’s birth mother, who she currently visits with monthly. Contact with her brother, who has been placed in another home, should also be maintained.

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