Emily and Joanna

Emily & Joanna
Registration # 6414, 6415
D.O.B. 01/07, 08/08

HI! We are Emily and Joanna!
"We want to be adopted together!"

Emily and Joanna are friendly and sweet sisters of Caucasian descent who are looking to be adopted together! Emily is a kind, humorous, sweet, and helpful ten-year-old girl. She enjoys drawing and painting, helping her foster parents around the house, and swimming. She likes everything “girly,” such as lip gloss, nail polish, and “pink everything.” Emily’s foster family enjoys shopping, watching movies, and getting their nails painted with her. Emily has made great progress in the past year developing coping skills, and is continuing to work on her emotion regulation and frustration tolerance. Emily attends the fourth-grade and is supported by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Emily plans on going to college after graduating from high school.

Eight-year-old Joanna is described as outgoing, expressive, helpful and feisty. She is quite talkative and likes to engage with others. Joanna loves to sing, dance, color, work on arts-and-crafts projects, and do gymnastics. When she grows up, Joanna would like to be a famous actress. Joanna has formed a strong and trusting relationship with her foster mother, demonstrating that she has the capacity to form positive relationships with caregivers, despite past losses. Joanna is currently repeating the second grade, and receives extra support in reading and math. She is working hard in therapy to learn to express her emotions appropriately. Her social skills have improved greatly since participating in a social skills group at her school.

Joanna and Emily can thrive in a supportive and committed two-parent family or with a single-parent who has considerable support. An ideal family will have no other children or have children older than the girls. A family must be comfortable obtaining supportive services and resources in the community for the girls, and should be open to maintaining contact with the girl’s biological brother.

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