Registration # 6413
D.O.B. 05/10

HI! My name is Darren.

"I love to go to the park!"

Darren is a friendly, funny and kind seven-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. He likes spending one-on-one time with adults and loves to give “thumbs up” and “high fives.” Darren has a lot of energy and enjoys being active. He prefers to be outside with neighbors or in the park, rather than playing indoors. He also likes watching movies and drawing when he has down time. Darren works hard in school and gets along well with his peers.

An ideal family for Darren will be one that can provide him with security, guidance, consistency, and structure. His social worker believes that he will do well in a two-parent household or in a household with a single parent who has supports. Darren will do best in a household with no other children or with children who are older than him. A family should also be open to maintaining contact with Darren’s two biological sisters.

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