Jase and Alenna

Alenna & Jase.
Registration # 6394, 6395
D.O.B. 05/07, 07/11

Hi! We are Jase & Alenna.

"I like to play the video game “Roadblocks”- Jase!

"I like Disney movies!" - Alenna

Jase and Alenna are a bi-racial sibling group of two who are looking forward to being adopted together! Jase, age 9, is described as an artist who loves to color. He also likes soccer and hockey. Jase is currently in the third grade where he has done well. He reports he enjoys going to school. Jase responds well to authority figures and does well with adults. He also likes animals and would do well placed in a home with a pet. Overall, he does well with the structure and consistency that his foster home provides.

Alenna, age 5, is currently in Kindergarten where she is academically on target. She is described as bright and engaging and she loves playing with her baby dolls, princesses and reading books. Alenna has shared she would like to be a teacher when she grows up because she loves school so much!

Legally freed for adoption, their social worker is seeking a family that is able to maintain two visits per year post-adoption with their birth mother. Their social worker is open to exploring single or two parent families with no children or children who were older. Most importantly, Jase and Alenna need a family who will be able to provide structure, clear boundaries, and consistency so they can reach their fullest potential!

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