Julius and Armani

Julius & Armani
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D.O.B. 01/10, 11/07

HI! We are Julius & Armani.
"I like dinosaurs!" - Julius

"I want to pursue a career in arts in the future!" - Armani

And here's what others say...
Julius, age 7, and Armani, age 9, are a sibling group of two of African American/Caucasian descent. The boys primarily speak English but can speak a little bit of Spanish as well. Julius is described as a very active and engaging child that likes to be helpful. He enjoys arts and crafts, storytelling, being outdoors and superheroes. He is currently getting testing for special educational services at school. He is on grade level for the most part and especially does well in Math. He is making great strides!

Armani is described as a very observant child that is very curious about his surroundings. He is currently doing well in school and is on grade level. He gets along well with his classmates. Armani loves music and dancing. He also likes to be well dressed. Armani gets along well with adults and his caretakers. He does require some redirection and also supervision as he is very curious about everything!

Not yet legally freed for adoption, these brothers will need to maintain consistent contact with their older sister at a monthly minimum. They will also need to maintain contact with their maternal aunt who is a visiting resource for them. The children’s social worker is open to exploring families that believe they would be able to maintain connections with their family members that are important to them.

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