Jaydon and Jaylize

Jaydon & Jaylize
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D.O.B. 03/06, 08/08

HI! We are Jaydon & Jaylize.
"We want to live together!"

And here's what others say...
Jaydon and Jaylize are a loving sibling group of Caucasian descent who are seeking a home together. Jaydon is a sweet eleven-year-old boy who enjoys being outside all year round. Jaydon likes to build things with his Legos and play with remote controlled trucks. He is also interested in quieter activities like watching TV and drawing. Jaydon is on the Autism spectrum and attends an elementary program that supports his needs through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Jaydon benefits from support in reading, math, life skills and social communication support with a one on one aid. Jaydon follows a structured routine at school and in the home.

Jaylize is a friendly 8-year-old girl who is often described as being naturally kind. Jaylize likes to stay busy and enjoys participating in outdoor activities. She also likes to color and draw. Jaylize is on grade level in school and does well academically. Her favorite subjects in school are math and reading. She enjoys spending time with her peers and younger children. Jaylize also does well in a family setting and responds well to limits and expectations.

Legally freed for adoption, this sibling group would dell well in a two-parent family of any constellation with or without other children in the home. Jaydon and Jaylize need a nurturing and loving family who can provide them with patience, structure and consistency. The ideal family would have experience and knowledge of children with special needs or be willing to educate themselves on Autism in order to be a strong advocate for Jaydon’s needs.

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