Kalvin and Jahlissa

Kalvin & Jahlissa
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D.O.B. 12/08, 06/14

HI! We are Kalvin and Jahlissa.

"I hope I can be rich someday
!" - Kalvin

" I love Minnie Mouse!" - Jahlissa

Kalvin and Jahlissa are a sibling group of two of African-American/Caucasian descent. Kalvin is an eight-year old boy who is in the second grade where he is doing well educationally. Kalvin likes Minions and Pokemon. He prefers active activities like riding his bike and going to the park. He does best when he knows the schedule of the day and can prepare for changes in advance. Kalvin is very bonded with his younger sister and is protective of her. He also enjoys being a member of his current foster family and told his social worker he would like a family like his foster family that will make him feel safe.

Jahlissa is a sweet two-year old girl who likes musical toys and videos. She has some developmental delays and receives Early Intervention services and is said to be making steady progress. Jahlissa is described as sweet and affectionate. She is not currently placed in the same foster home with her brother so she looks forward to seeing him at visits.

Not yet legally freed for adoption Kalvin and Jahlissa will need a family open to contact with their biological mother who is currently offered visitation. Their social worker is open to exploring single or two parent families with or without other children in the home who feel they can meet these sweet sibling’s needs.

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