Registration # 6293
D.O.B. 09/06

HI! My name is Leslianis.
You can call me Lala!

And here's what others say...
Leslianis , “Lala,” is a ten-year old girl of Caucasian/Hispanic descent. At first she can present as shy, but once she is comfortable she is very outgoing. At her current program placement, she is often the first to volunteer to do things! Leslianis loves the movie “Frozen” and has many “Frozen” themed items such as dolls, toys, books and decorative items in her room! Her scooter she often rides is also decorated in “Frozen” themed stickers! Leslianis is very brave and is willing to catch bugs including spiders when playing outside. She enjoys swimming, horseback riding and going to church on Sundays. Leslianis also has a good voice and was selected to be a part of her school’s honors chorus. Leslianis has extra academic support in the classroom through an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and tries very hard to do her best in class.

Legally freed for adoption, Leslianis will need a family that will honor the open adoption agreement established with her birth mother for post-adoption visits. She also has an older sister that she has a positive connection with that she has monthly visitation and bi-weekly phone contact with. Leslianis would do best in a two parent or single female parent family with older or no children. A family that would enjoy playing with dolls and has a love for the movie “Frozen” would be Leslianis’ ideal family!

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