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D.O.B. 02/06

HI! My name is Mark.
"I am a huge Boston sports fan!"

And here's what others say...
Mark is an athletic ten-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. Mark does well in school and he is said to enjoy his classes. Mark shares his favorite class is Health and Wellness, but he is also interested in Science. Mark is described as outgoing and talkative. He especially likes to talk about the NBA and NFL. He likes to be outdoors playing sports, but he can also sit down and play board games too. When outdoors, Mark likes to either be playing a sport like basketball or football or searching for bugs, salamanders and frogs. Mark has done well in his structured program and especially likes when he gets one-on-one attention.

Legally freed for adoption, a future family should be open to maintaining contact with Mark’s three siblings and his birth mother. Mark’s social worker recommends a two parent home that is able to help redirect him as needed. Mark thrives on structure and routine and does best when he is able to anticipate changes. Mark shared he would like a family that “does not blame him for everything” and are active and would allow him to play sports.

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