Registration # 6267
D.O.B. 06/08

HI! My name is Alexis.

"I love to swim!"

Alexis is a joyful nine-year old girl of Caucasian descent whose smile and laugh lights up the room! Alexis has had many medical challenges in her short life, but she has an optimistic spirit and brings so much joy to those who know her. While she cannot speak, Alexis makes her needs known in other ways through adaptive technology and non-verbal cues. She also does make sounds and her caregivers are very attuned to what her different tones mean. Alexis loves being around other children and likes participating in different activities with her peers. She loves to be around other people and animals and has shown interest in toys, colors, sounds, and swimming!


Video by Susi Franco

Legally freed for adoption, Alexis would do best in a two parent family or with a single mom, with or without other children in the home. Alexis currently resides in a foster home with other children where she is thriving. A family needs to be open to visitation with her biological mother post-adoption. A future family would need to collaborate with Alexis’ team to understand her daily living needs, routine and schedule. Alexis’ caregivers and team want nothing more for her to find a family. They believe she will bring lots of joy and laughter to the right family!

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