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D.O.B. 01/12

HI! My name is Jazmyn!

"I love to watch Dora the Explorer!"

Jazmyn is a friendly, energetic 5-year-old girl of Caucasian and Hispanic descent. Her social worker describes her as a happy, easy-going and caring young girl who loves to play with others and help care for younger children.

Currently, Jazmyn lives in a foster home where she interacts positively with members of her foster family and enjoys receiving one-on-one attention. In addition to watching Dora the Explorer, Jazmyn loves riding scooters, playing at the park, and playing with dolls. In school, Jazmyn is well-liked by both adults and peers. Jazmyn has a rare chromosomal disorder 22q11.2 Distal Deletion Syndrome. She does not have any major needs as a result, but does have a speech delay. She is bright and loves to learn. Jazmyn receives special education services to address some developmental delays, specifically with foundations.

Jazmyn would benefit from a placement where she is able to receive one-on-one support to further assist her in meeting her developmental milestones. She would do well in a home with a single or two-parent home with female caretakers. Where she can be the youngest It is important for the home to provide adequate structure and supervision. Jazmyn is legally freed for adoption and will need continued contact with her siblings and two visits a year with her birth mother post placement.

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