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D.O.B. 08/03

HI! My name is Cole.

"I am very athletic!"

Cole is a friendly, easy going thirteen-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. He is described as a funny teenager who gets along well with both children and adults. Cole is very athletic and loves playing football and basketball. He also enjoys riding his bike and playing video games.

Cole is a seventh grade student who has many friends. Cole is a smart child but he is struggling in school this year. He was recently tested for special education services and now has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to help with academics. Cole has had many losses in his young life and he struggles with feeling abandoned. Cole currently attends individual therapy and meets with a therapeutic mentor weekly. Therapy should continue once a permanent family is identified.

Cole is legally freed for adoption and can be placed in a home with a mother and father or single mother as the youngest or only child. Cole will need a family that supports his relationship with his half-siblings. The court has ordered sibling visitation 4 times per year. A family will also need to be patient as it will take Cole time to form a trusting relationship with a new family.

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