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D.O.B. 03/06

HI! My name is Dominic.
"I would love to have a pet dog!"

And here's what others say...
Dominic is a caring, creative and funny 10-year-old Caucasian boy who has a special gift with animals. He loves every chance he gets to spend time with any type of animal. He attends biweekly therapeutic sessions at a local farm, and he also enjoys playing and caring for the animals at his residential program. This includes the house rabbit, hamster, and the staff's dogs that visit. When Dominic gets older, he reported that he would like to become a veterinarian. In his spare time, Dominic also likes drawing and coloring. He is curious young boy who has been known to take apart toys to figure out how they work and then put them back together.

Dominic has been doing well at his residential home, but he still requires a high level of care to support his daily living activities and transitions. He has struggled significantly in school throughout his life due to developmental delays. Dominic continues to work on his social growth and peer relationships with the help of weekly individual therapy and therapeutic sessions with his peers. He has a close relationship with his therapist and would benefit if their relationship continued.

A two-parent household would best support Dominic's mental health and behavioral needs. A family would need to be open to services entering their home to work with Dominic on a regular basis. Dominic's three siblings also have a goal of adoption, and he has stated many times that he would like to live with his younger brother, so continued contact would be beneficial. Dominic is legally freed for adoption.

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