Registration # 6189
D.O.B. 11/02

HI! My name is Elijah.

I love video games!

Elijah is a creative and thoughtful teen of Caucasian descent. Elijah is described as an easily likeable child who is kind and friendly. He is very invested in everything he participates in. Elijah is a very smart teen and is described as curious. He is also very brave and has made tremendous progress over the past year. Elijah loves to play video games with his peers.

Legally freed for adoption, Elijah has shared he thinks he will do best in a family where he can be the youngest. He also shared that he wouldn't mind having older siblings. Elijah’s birth family resides out of state, so he would like to continue to maintain a connection with them via Skype. Elijah will also have a yearly visit with his biological mother and phone calls. Elijah’s social worker is open to exploring families who would be able to help build a relationship with Elijah, prior to transitioning into their home.

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