Gianna, Ashlynn & Dominic
Registration # 6170, 6169 6172
D.O.B. 03/07, 05/08, 10/09

HI! We are Gianna, Ashlynn, and Dominic.

“We never want to be separated!"

Gianna, Ashlynn and Dominic are friendly siblings of Caucasian descent who are hoping to be adopted together.

Ten-year-old Gianna is very creative. She loves music, swimming, dancing and being outdoors. She likes to make people happy and enjoys the company of her friends. She is the type of child who makes friends easily. Gianna is like a second mother to her siblings, especially because it is in her nature to be kind and caring to others. Gianna does well academically.

Nine-year-old Ashlynn is a fun and outgoing girl who loves to perform. She also likes music, dancing and being outdoors. Like her sister, she enjoys time with her friends and swimming. Ashlynn does well academically and has many friends at school.

Dominic is an active eight-year-old boy who never runs out of energy. His social worker describes him as a fun child who loves adventures. Dominic likes riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline and playing with his brothers, who are being recruited for separately. Dominic idolizes his sisters and requests to never be separated from them. They have a calming effect on Dominic and he values what they teach him.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, it is recommended that Gianna, Ashlynn and Dominic be placed in a home with at least one mother, whether that is a single mother, two mothers or a mother and a father. An ideal family will be active and support their relationships with two biological brothers and a sister who is placed in another home.

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