Mariah & Kaniyah
Registration # 6166, 6164
D.O.B. 03/09, 09/13

HI! We are Mariah and Kaniyah.

"We want to be adopted together!"

Mariah and Kaniyah are loveable sisters of African-American descent who are looking to be adopted together!

Mariah is an intelligent, social and polite seven-year-old girl who loves to draw, watch Disney movies and collect anything that is associated with the movie Frozen. She also likes to play with her friends and siblings. Mariah enjoys school, does well academically, and has many friends. Her teacher reports that she listens well and is easily able to follow directions. Mariah does not have any behavioral concerns.

Kaniyah is a happy, active and friendly three-year-old girl. She loves to play with interactive toys and listen to music. Kanyiah interacts well with her peers and enjoys playing with her siblings. She attends a family-based child care center where she has formed positive relationships with her classmates and teachers. Kaniyah does not have any special needs. However, she does receives Early Intervention services to address environmental risk factors.

Legally freed for adoption, Mariah and Kaniyah will do well in a family of any constellation, with or without other children. Their biggest hope is that they are adopted together. The girls have a nine-year-old brother residing in a residential care setting. Their relationship with him is very important to them and a family should be willing to help maintain it.  

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