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D.O.B. 08/08

HI! My name is Patrick.

"I enjoy making others laugh!"

Patrick is an 8-year-old boy of Caucasian descent who is most happy when running around playing with his friends. Patrick loves sports, Legos, cars, trucks and stuffed animals. He also enjoys painting, drawing and spending time at the playground. He is very funny and loves to make his siblings laugh. Patrick is very affectionate and strives to build consistent and meaningful relationships. He is quick-witted boy who is truly a pleasure to be around.

Patrick will be going into the fourth grade and is on a social emotional Individualized Education Plan (IEP.) He is in an inclusive classroom with teachers and staff members who are able to provide the services that are on his IEP. Patrick is below grade level in English and math, but has made major progress this school year. Patrick appears to have low self-esteem and can be hard on himself at times. He hates that he lives so far away from his brothers and wants to be closer to them. Patrick meets with a therapist a least once a week, and engages in group sessions at his current placement.

Patrick would love to live in a family setting, and frequently talks about it. Patrick is legally freed for adoption and would do well in a family who will provide a nurturing yet structured home environment. He would flourish with parents who will continue to encourage him to express his feelings, advocate for him in the community, support him in school as well as therapy and attend the sessions as needed. The family will also need to maintain Patrick's connection with all of his siblings by continuing to help him visit his brothers and sisters on a regular basis.

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