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D.O.B. 07/04

HI! My name is Joel.
If I had a superpower it would be to have unlimited super strength!

And here's what others say...
Joel is a sweet and sensitive twelve-year old boy of Hispanic descent who can speak both Spanish and English. Joel has shared he would like a family that has a pet, preferably a dog. Joel likes helping to care for animals and he is described as polite and helpful. Joel enjoys playing basketball and looks up to Michael Jordan because “he won so many trophies and had good sportsmanship and teamwork.” Joel also enjoys learning about magic, playing chess, watching movies, and reading books. Joel would like to be a Marine when he grows up as he would like to help his nation.

Joel is currently in the sixth grade and he does well with the frequent breaks and small groups in his classroom. He is described at school as being very friendly and helpful. Joel says his favorite subject in school right now is math because he is learning about long equations with exponents and parenthesis. If Joel had three wishes he would wish to be the richest person in the world, stop world hunger and to be a Marine.

Legally freed for adoption, Joel will need a family open to maintaining contact with his maternal grandmother . His worker feels he would do best in a single or two parent home with older, similar age, or no children. If a family had prior parenting experience that would be ideal, however his worker is open to exploring families that have not yet parented before.

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