Registration # 6074
D.O.B. 01/10

HI! My name is Joshua.

"I am very creative!"

Joshua is a 7-year-old boy of Hispanic descent who describes himself as fun, active and artistic. People who meet Joshua find him to be a sweet, imaginative boy. His biggest strength is his memory for details and his creativity. He enjoys playing with Legos and will come up with stories about what he is building. He will then create and illustrate books from the stories he has created. Presently, Joshua is living in a group home. He is doing well in this setting. He has responded to the structure and predictability of this setting as well as to the nurturing and support he receives from the staff. He is aware that his goal is adoption and wants to live in a family.

Joshua is an average student in school. He does have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for social/emotional support. He has done well in his current school and there have not been any behavioral concerns. Joshua will sometimes have a tantrum if he doesn’t understand the rules or expectations of a situation. If he has a tantrum, he has some self-soothing techniques that he utilizes to calm down. He responds to a calm voice and demeanor and due to his creative nature will also respond to meditative imagery.

Joshua is legally freed for adoption and would do well in a family who will provide a nurturing yet structured home environment. He would flourish with parents who will encourage him to express his feelings both verbally and through creative activities. His future family should also be willing to advocate for him in the community, support him in therapy and attend the sessions as a family when recommended. He needs a family who will encourage his creative outlets and feel a sense of joy that he is their son. Joshua should be the youngest or only child in the home and maintain contact with his biological siblings he is unable to be placed with.

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