Desiree and Weylin
Registration# 6030, 6029
D.O.B. 05/11, 08/14

HI! We are Desiree and Weylin.

“We love to play outside and sing in the car!”

Desiree and Weylin are siblings of Caucasian and Hispanic decent. Desiree, 6, is an energetic girl who is full of life. Desiree loves playing with dolls, singing and dancing with others. Desiree is able to be redirected and follow directions with assistance. She can have a difficult time with word “no”, but with support she is able process and move forward. ┬áDesiree will be entering in to the first grade. She has made a lot of progress over the past school year. She is friendly and gets along well with others.

Weylin, 3, is an incredibly happy boy. He is always laughing. Weylin enjoys exploring his surrounding and running around. He is very energetic. He also enjoys playing with his cars, trucks, and dinosaurs. Like his sister, he also enjoys dancing and singing. Weylin will continue to attend daycare this fall. Weylin is learning new words daily and loves to identify objects with his words.

Legally freed for adoption, Desiree and Weylin will do well in any family constellation. The children would benefit from a family who is nurturing, but able to set limits. They love to be on the go and exploring new things. Desiree is an amazing big sister to Weylin who clearly looks up to her. You can see the strong bond the children have when they are with one another. Although the children are currently not placed together, they look forward to living together again.

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