Yesennia & Jeremiah

Zadayah & Luis
Registration # 6015 &6017
D.O.B. 09/07 & 01/14

HI! We are Zadayah &Luis.

"I am very brave and tried swimming for the first time." - Zadayah

"I like to play with trucks." - Luis

Zadayah, age nine, and Luis, age two, are siblings of Hispanic descent. Zadayah loves to play outside especially with other children. She is also a huge animal lover! She is an excellent student and is on target educationally. When Zadayah was asked what she wanted in an adoptive home she said, “lots and lots of food, a beautiful home, kind people, good style, lots of clothing, a new hamster, batteries, and my brother, Luis.""

Luis is a typical toddler and is described as very fun-loving and sweet. He is active and loves to play and make jokes. Luis likes to play with his foster siblings. They play with trucks, color, and do arts and crafts projects. Luis is very comfortable in his foster care setting and has made a healthy attachment to the family. He receives Early Intervention (EI) and also attends day care. He has made great progress in his fine and gross motor skills through EI.

Legally freed for adoption, a future family must be open to maintaining visits and contact with their sibling who is placed separately. Their social worker is seeking a single or two parent family that would be able to provide them the love and support they need for the years to come! Zadayah has requested that she would like to be able to visit her current school and foster family once she moves so maintaining this connection will be important to her.

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