Brauk & Blake
Registration #5969, 5970
D.O.B. 05/06, 08/07

HI! We are Brauk and Blake.

"We want to be placed together!"

Brauk and Blake are fun-loving siblings of Caucasian descent. Brauk, eleven-years-old, is a pleasant and polite boy with a good sense of humor. He is inquisitive and very social. Brauk enjoys playing sports, and likes to be active and be outside. Brauk also enjoys going to church. In school, Brauk is well liked by his teachers and peers.

Blake is a social ten-year-old boy who likes to stay busy and active. He is even-tempered and relates well to adults and peers. Blake can be shy when he first meets someone but once he gets to know you he really opens up. Blake is a natural athlete who loves all sports. His dream is to be a professional hockey player when he grows up.

Legally freed for adoption, Brauk and Blake request to live in a home with a mother and a father. Their social worker is open to other children being in the home. A family must be open to maintaining contact with the boys’ biological parents through an Open Adoption Agreement, which calls for two in-person visits a year and pictures once a year. An ideal family will help the boys maintain contact with their two biological sisters.

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