Jaeden and Jaevius

Jaeden & Jaevius
Registration # 5926, 5927
D.O.B. 08/09, 08/09

HI! We are Jaeden and Jaevius.

"We can’t wait to be in our forever family!"

Jaeden and Jaevius are 8-year-old Caucasian twin brothers. Jaeden enjoys playing outside, being active in sports, reading and watching television. He is also very interested in superheroes. Jaeden enjoys learning and going to school. He also enjoys lots of affection and positive reinforcement from his caregivers. Like his brother, Jaevius enjoys playing outside, sports, reading, watching television and going to school. Jaeden does better in a structured and predictable environment where he knows what to expect. Jaevius is the more dominant twin and provides his brother with a great deal of comfort and support.

Legally freed for adoption, Jaeden and Jaevius can be placed in a two-parent home as the youngest or only children. Although the boys have done a lot of work towards understanding their goal of adoption, they still value their relationship with their biological mother. Thus, a family would need to have an understanding of that need. A future family should also be open to maintaining contact with their biological brother who has already been placed in his adoptive home.

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