Alan & Aden
Alan & Aden
Registration # 5924, 5925
D.O.B. 03/07, 06/08

HI! We are Alan & Alden.
"We’re looking for an active family!"

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Alan and Aden are young boys of Caucasian and Hispanic descent. They are currently living apart and looking to be reunited in an adoptive home. Alan is an active 9-year-old boy who enjoys riding his bicycle and engaging in other outdoor activities. He is a sports fan and especially likes basketball and football. Alan has had some issues with boundaries but has made great progress in his current placement where he has benefited from regular routines, redirection and support from his foster parents. In school, Alan has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for support. He has had some difficulty in class particularly around staying focused. His peer relations have improved and he has had many play dates with peers. He currently participates in weekly individual therapy to address early childhood trauma, his adoption goal and his daily routine.

Like his brother, Aden is a friendly, active 6-year-old who loves to bowl, ride his bicycle and be outdoors. Aden has done very well in his current foster home and has benefited from the regular routines and support. At times, he requires a number of prompts for redirection. Aden has done well in school and in his after school program without the need for support services. He does participate in biweekly individual therapy, and both boys will need a family to continue with necessary professional support services.

Legally freed for adoption, Alan and Aden would do best in an active two-parent family that could encourage their interest in sports. If there were other children in the home, older children would be best. If Alan and Aden are unable to be placed together, they will need regular ongoing contact with one another. They currently have monthly sibling visits.

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