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D.O.B. 07/10

HI! My name is Yomiah.
"I like to play on the swings and the trampoline."

Yomiah is a 6-year-old Hispanic boy who demonstrates strong intuition when interacting with others. Despite his many limitations, Yomiah generally appears happy and loves spending time outside on the swings, going for walks, and bouncing on his trampoline.

He has been diagnosed with significant global delays and is followed by a variety of physicians for his medical needs. Yomiah is in a medical foster home and can be affectionate with his foster mother and the nurses that assist with his care. Yomiah has done well with the structure and consistency provided in his foster home. He is non-verbal and is learning to read Braille. Though Yomiah is legally blind, he likes to explore his surroundings. He has some hearing loss and receives his nutrition through a feeding tube. He attends a collaborative school during the day, which he enjoys. Yomiah receives speech, physical and occupational therapies on a daily basis.

Now legally freed for adoption, Yomiah could be placed in a family of any constellation that could meet his needs. He can be strong-willed at times and requires patience and nurturance from his caregivers. He would benefit from continued contact with his birth mother. There is an open adoption agreement for six visits per year until an adoptive home is found, at which time, visits would be reduced to four times per year.

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