Registration # 5866
D.O.B. 08/02

HI! My name is Deanna.

"My dream is to be a brain surgeon!"

Deanna is an athletic fifteen-year-old biracial girl. Deanna loves all types of sports, especially field hockey and running. Deanna also enjoys working out, making art, and sleeping. Deanna is kind and helpful to others. She has a nice smile too!

Deanna is in the 9th grade. Currently, Deanna’s least favorite thing about school is doing homework and her favorite thing is earning good grades. Deanna has been actively participating in her school’s vocal jazz band. When Deanna grows up, she wants to be a brain surgeon. Deanna has learned that to achieve this goal, she may be in school for 12+ years!

Deanna is open to many families that may be interested in learning more about her. Deanna has expressed wanting a two-parent family with two moms, two dads, or a mom and a dad. Deanna’s three wishes are to spend time with her sister, have a new family, and do everything to help. Deanna is legally freed for adoption.

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