Registration # 5866
D.O.B. 08/03

HI! My name is Deanna.
I like playing baseball, soccer and basketball.
Sleepovers with friends are fun!
I’m a fan of The Beatles music!

And here's what others say...
Deanna is an easy-going, popular thirteen-year-old African American and Caucasian teen with many friends at school. She is also well-liked by adults. She is able to engage in conversation and show reciprocity in her relationships. Deanna has a great sense of humor and likes making people laugh. Deanna enjoys going out into the community eating out, going shopping, going to the park and going to the movies. Though she doesn’t currently own a bicycle, she is interested in going bicycle riding. Deanna also enjoys arts and crafts, drawing and taking care of animals.

This past fall, Deanna started the sixth grade where she is followed by an Individualized Education Plan. Deanna reports that she loves school and is very cooperative in school. Her favorite class is science, and her least favorite is math. She is proud when she does well and enjoys receiving praise for her accomplishments. When praised, Deanna shows off a beautiful smile that brightens her face.

Deanna has cognitive and emotional limitations. She made tremendous gains while in a residential home. Her self-esteem and social skills have increased. Deanna is currently in a foster home and benefits from environments with structure, predictability and nurturance. Deanna will continue to strive with a loving, stable home that has time to provide her with one-on-one attention, structure and predictable routines.

Deanna is now legally freed for adoption and is ready for a family of her own. She would like a family that cares for her and wants her in their family. She would love for the home to have animals. A family of any constellation could be a good fit for Deanna.

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