Anthony & Brycen
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Hi! We are Anthony & Brycen.
"I want to be a police officer when I grow up!"- Anthony

"I like to pretend I am a fire fighter or cowboy!" - Brycen

And here's what others say...
Anthony and Brycen are a sibling group of two of Caucasian descent. Eleven-year old Anthony boy is a sensitive, shy child who loves boats and going to the playground. Anthony also loves Michael Jackson’s music. In addition to knowing many of his songs by heart, he has also learned how to dance like him! Anthony likes to play soccer and has worked hard on his soccer skills. Anthony does well in school where he receives preferred seating due to significant hearing loss in his left ear and some in the right. He is on target academically.

Brycen is an intuitive four-year old boy who picks up things quickly and is said to be spunky and active! He loves the swings, running, biking and swimming. He will benefit from a structured environment where he will know the routine what to expect. Brycen has estropia, an eye condition that will require him to wear glasses and be followed by an ophthalmologist. Brycen received early intervention for speech when he was younger and currently has an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) at school.

Legally freed for adoption, Brycen and Anthony have an older sibling and grandfather they visit with monthly. There is a court order for at least two visits per year post-adoption. A family will also need to be open to post-adoption visitation with their birth parents. Their social worker is seeking an experienced two parent family who are able to meet the boy’s needs.
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