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D.O.B. 02/03

New Hampshire

HI! My name is Zanayjah.
I play the clarinet at school!

And here's what others say...
Zanayjah is a sweet thirteen-year-old African-American girl. Zanayjah describes herself as flexible, friendly, funny, and talented. Zanayjah can be shy when meeting new people, however, once trust is built, Zanayjah can talk your ear off! Zanayjah is athletic, musical, and artistic — she enjoys swimming, hiking, cheerleading, doing puzzles, and making crafts. Zanayjah also plays the clarinet in her school band! Zanayjah is currently in the 7th grade. Math and Science are her favorite classes. Zanayjah is enrolled in a reading intervention class to assist with reading challenges. Having big dreams for herself, Zanayjah aspires to be an anesthesiologist, nurse, doctor, or veterinarian.

Zanayjah is legally freed for adoption and would like a family that will allow her to maintain a relationship with her younger sister. Zanayjah would like to have a mom and a dad. She would consider moving to a different state. Zanayjah would like to have her own bedroom and hopes for the opportunity to choose the color of her bedroom. Zanayjah hopes that her new family has lots of pets, especially puppies, guinea pigs, and horses. Zanayjah would do best with an active family that will be patient in giving her time to develop trust and adjust to her new home.

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