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D.O.B. 01/02

HI! My name is Aizik.
I am very creative and want to be an Artist one day!

And here's what others say...
Aizik is a fourteen-years-old smart Caucasian young man. He is very personable and fun to be around. He is a curious l boy who loves to take things apart and discover what makes them work. Aizik is very artistic and absolutely loves to draw. He also enjoys origami and other creative mediums. Aizik also loves to be active. He enjoys spending his free time playing on his community’s soccer team, riding on his dirt bike, exploring in the woods, taking hikes, fishing and hanging out with friends. Aizik has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) but is working at grade level. Aizik is entering the 6th grade and his favorite subjects are math and social studies. He is currently in a very small classroom in his residential placement, where his teacher describes him as “a pleasure to have in class.”

Aizik is also an avid comic book lover and enjoys reading and drawing characters from the “Batman” series. He loves to dress up for Halloween, by making his own costumes and would love to find a family that shares his love of this holiday. Aizik has done well in a family setting and is ready to return to one. Aizik would like to have a family that lives in a rural area. He feels more at home in a country setting where he can have room to play and explore. He enjoys pets and would love to have a pet of his own. Aizik would like to have a mom and dad or perhaps just a dad and would prefer not to live in a home with younger children. He wouldn’t mind having older siblings or perhaps siblings close to his own age that shares some of his passions.

Aizik is legally freed for adoption and would do best with a family that likes to be active. Aizik needs a family that can provide clear expectations and structure. Aizik has a strong relationship with his previous foster home and considers them his family. It is imperative that he is able to maintain a relationship with them. Maintaining contact with his siblings is also very important to Aizik. He currently stays connected with them through letters and has a maternal grandmother that he has day visits with on occasion.

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