Registration # 5827
D.O.B. 10/99

Rhode Island

HI! My name is Makayla
I love to express myself through writing!

And here's what others say...
Makayla is a funny sixteen-year-old Caucasian female who has a great sense of humor and a lot of energy! She is friendly and has a heart of gold, but it does take a while for Makayla to trust adults. She loves participating sports of all kinds and even plays on some teams for youth with special needs. She is a great help to other youth and it helps her get her out her energy. Makayla loves to write and express herself on paper. She is especially talented in poetry about her feelings and life experiences.

Makayla is currently living in a residential placement and is benefitting from receiving daily support from her residential clinician as well as support from other trained staff. She has made improvements regulating her emotions and talking about her feelings. She is also learning coping skills and how to manage her frustrations when necessary. Makayla has mild learning disabilities and tries hard to succeed in school, but can struggle in the classroom. She is on grade level and has made improvements when it comes to relationships with her peers.

Makayla is not yet legally freed for adoption and would most likely do best in a two-parent household. She could also be successful in a family of a single parent if there were proper supports in place for all. She has done well in situations with other youth. Most of all, Makayla needs to trust and feel safe with the adults in her life in order to best succeed. Makayla also loves animals and would love a family with pets! A family who can be active with Makayla and be patient with her needs would help her thrive and succeed in life.

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