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D.O.B. 09/13

Hi! My name is Kealan.
I like bubbles!

And here's what others say...
Kealan is a curious three-year old boy of Caucasian descent who loves to babble and smile when he is happy. Kealan also loves music and lights up when he hears his favorite songs!
Kealan is on the Autism spectrum and receives special educational services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Due to having global developmental delays, he also receives Physical Therapy (PT) & Occupational Therapy (OT) services at school. Kealan can say a few words, but mainly uses noises and movement to make his needs known. Kealan has a g-tube for feeding and has made tremendous progress with gaining weight. Having decreased vision cases Kealan to only see about 3-4 feet away without his glasses. Kealan is not currently walking without assistance, but he scoots to get around. He is working hard to walk eventually without assistance.
Not yet legally freed for adoption, Kealan's social worker is looking to place him with a family that is able to meet his needs and help him thrive. A family would need to be able to keep up with Kealan's many medical and developmental appointments and help advocate for him in school.

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