Registration # 5794
D.O.B. 06/10

HI! My name is K'Lonie.

Purple is my favorite color!

K’Lonie is a sweet seven-year-old girl of African-American descent who loves hugs and kisses. K’Lonie enjoys listening to music and humming to the melody. She also likes having books read to her and playing on the iPad.

K’Lonie is on the Autism spectrum and is currently attending a day program where she is learning sign language. She is able to participate in her lessons and activities but requires supervision when doing activities on her own.

Legally freed for adoption, K’Lonie will thrive in an energetic and committed two-parent family that has natural supports in place. A family will also need to be strong educational advocates and comfortable accessing community services. K’Lonie has contact with some members of her birth family and an ideal family for K’Lonie will help her maintain these relationships.

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