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D.O.B. 05/05

HI! My name is Jordan.

"My dream is play Point Guard in the NBA!"

Jordan is an athletic twelve-year-old boy of Barbadian/Caucasian descent. Jordan enjoys being active! Jordan's favorite sport is basketball, which can be a strong way to bond and build a relationship with him. His favorite basketball team is the Warriors. He enjoys roller-skating, hockey, and football too. Jordan’s favorite foods include chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.

Jordan attends a specialized school in order to ensure that he is receiving academic, emotional, and behavioral support. Jordan can have difficulty working through frustrations and benefits from supervision, clear direction, and the support of adults around him. Jordan functions best when he has a fixed routine that is well communicated to him throughout the day. Although Jordan may have difficulty expressing his feelings, he has the ability to bond and build relationships with friends and family.

Jordan is legally freed for adoption. Jordan is connected to an older brother and relatives that he would like to maintain a connection with. Jordan has half-siblings he may want contact with in the future as well. Jordan would benefit from a home that provides patience, consistency, routine, lots of physical activities and caregivers that share his passion of sports.

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