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D.O.B. 08/00

HI! My name is Emma.

"I am in the ROTC program at my high school!"

Emma is a friendly sixteen-year-old of Caucasian and Native American descent. Emma is best described as a social, charismatic and very talkative teen girl who can also be very loving and nurturing. In her high school,

Emma is involved in the theater production, chorus and ROTC program. Emma has gained a lot of insightful experiences from joining ROTC and she enjoys engaging in all of their volunteer opportunities. Emma has several goals for her future. She’s expressed an interest in the medical field, either as a doctor or nurse, and she has also spoken about wanting to be a lawyer or join the military.

Emma is very bright and does well in school without a great deal of assistance from her teachers. She takes pride in her academics and receives A’s and B’s for grades. Emma is very insightful and she is able to have a lot of in-depth conversations. Emma does tend to struggle emotionally given her past but she appears to be coping well. Emma has been able to develop a good sense of self-esteem and self-confidence through weekly therapy and with the support of a therapeutic mentor. She does need monitoring around peers as she tends to give in to peer pressure and “high school drama.”

Emma is legally freed for adoption and will do best in a home where the family provides individualized attention along with structured and clear expectations. Any placement should be vigilant of Emma’s needs and connections to others in the community to ensure she is engaging in only healthy activities. Emma has monthly visits with her birth mother before an adoption is finalized and every other month post adoption. She will also maintain monthly visits with her siblings post adoption as well. Emma can be placed with any type of family constellation. If there are other children they should be older and female so they will be able to mentor Emma.

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