Registration # 5686
D.O.B. 11/12

HI! My name is Jobak.

"I love to run and play outside!"

Jobak is a fun loving four-year old boy of Cape Verdean descent. Jobak typically makes people smile with his sweet spirit and determination. Jobak loves water and looks forward to having bath time. Jobak also enjoys playing and exploring in the outdoors. During summer months, he can often be seen running around in the sprinkler. Jobak likes to have sensory items he can play with to help soothe him. He also likes toys that light up or play music. Jobak has been diagnosed with Autism and attends a special education preschool program. He also attends an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program every day after school.

Jobak is legally freed for adoption. There is a recruitment plan for four visits per year with his birth parents and monthly visits with his siblings who are being recruited for separately. The visits with Jobak’s birth parents are to cease once Jobak is placed into a pre-adoptive home. Jobak’s social worker is open to any type of two-parent family where Jobak can be the youngest or only child.

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