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Fayth Fayth
Registration # 5667
D.O.B. 05/09

Hi! My name is Fayth.
I like donuts!

I like getting my face painted.

And here’s what others say…
Fayth, 7, is a healthy, active young girl of African American/Caucasian and Cape Verdean descent. Fayth loves to play and run around. She has two sisters, a ten-year-old sister who is also in foster care and a younger sister who has already been placed. Fayth is close to her sisters, and contact between the girls will be important. She will also need contact with her birth mother.

Fayth is doing well in school with the help of an Individual Education Plan (IEP). She is in a regular classroom and receives speech therapy. She has a hearing deficit which impacts her speech. She has recently been fitted for hearing aids to improve her hearing and speech. Faith is also involved in therapeutic services to work on improving some challenging behaviors that resulted from her history of trauma.

Fayth could be placed in a home with a single mom or two-parent family who can manage a significant trauma history and provide a loving, structured home. She needs a patient family who can be understanding and supportive of her outside treatment. She would do best as the only child in the home or with much older high school or college-aged children. Fayth is legally freed for adoption.

You can help bring me closer to finding "a place to call HOME" by filling out the MARE Information Request Form. They will be glad to help you get more information about me.


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