Alec and Linah

Alec & Linah
Registration # 5657, 5658
D.O.B. 05/08, 11/02

HI! We are Alec and Linah!
"We want to be part of a family."

Alec, age fourteen, and Linah, age eight, are loving siblings of Caucasian descent. Alec loves sports, especially basketball, riding his bike and skateboarding. He is described by others as being very respectful and soft spoken. He tends to be a follower. He has many friends and is well liked in school by his teachers and classmates. Alec is in the 7th grade in a public school setting where he does very well academically with the help of an Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Linah has been described as sassy and outgoing. She enjoys playing with her dolls, playing dress-up, riding on her scooter and playing sports. Linah is in the 2nd grade and she also performs well in school with the help of an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Alec and Linah would benefit from a permanent family that will provide them with positive reinforcement and encouragement around school performance and homework time. The children could be matched with almost any family constellation as the only children in the home or with much older children. Most importantly, Alec and Linah will need a patient, loving and predictable home routine. They are not yet legally freed for adoption.

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