Niomilyn, Kylie & Gabriel
Raziel, Zephon & Haiden
Registration # 5620, 5619, & 5622
D.O.B. 01/02, 07/04, 07/05

HI! We are Raziel, Zephon & Haiden.
We want a family we can grow up in together!

And here's what others say...
Raziel, Haiden and Zephon are brothers of Caucasian descent. Raziel, fifteen, is a strong young man who is wise and intuitive. He is very caring towards others, especially his siblings. He is extremely active and loves sports; especially football, basketball and biking. Raziel’s future career goal is to join the Army! Raziel can appear guarded as he is upset about recent events in his life. He is managing as best as he can with the proper supports. Raziel would benefit from attending a trade school or a non-traditional school setting. He is currently being evaluated for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) so his academic needs can be better addressed.

Zephon, twelve-years-old, enjoys spending time outdoors and playing sports with his brothers. He has a great time being active in social settings and he also enjoys taking care of a small pet at his foster home. Zephon is a friendly boy who displays good emotional stability. He has adapted really well to the structure and routine of his foster family. Zephon had multiples absences in school back when he was living with biological family. He is learning now how to keep going to school every day and requires extra supports to help him learn skills that he previously missed.

Haiden, eleven-years-old, is very close to his brother Zephon who he is close in age with. Haiden also loves sports and being outside with his brothers. Haiden is gaining structure in his current foster home and he is particularly bonded to his foster father. Haiden is working with school to improve his study habits and academic work. He is struggling at school as when he lived at home he had numerous absences'. All the boys are engaged in therapeutic services to help cope with their current situation.

Legally freed for adoption, Raziel, Zephon and Haiden want nothing more than to be adopted together. They are living in separate homes and see each other frequently, but there wish is to never be apart again. Their social worker is willing to consider any type of family with or without other children in the home. It is imperative that the family allow twice per year visitation with their biological sister who is being adopted by another family.

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