Registration # 5607
D.O.B. 11/10

HI! My name is Emily.
I like to be read to before I go to bed!
I don’t like carrots or spicy food!

And here's what others say...
Emily is a sweet and determined 5-year-old girl of African American descent. Emily’s foster mother describes Emily as very smart and reports that she tries very hard. Emily is followed by a comprehensive medical team due to her diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. She will need to continue to be followed by a medical team when placed with a family. Emily receives a lot of services like Physical Therapy in order to try to strengthen her muscles. She can fall easily and does not have good balance. She does have a walker she utilizes to assist her at times. Emily enjoys the older children in her foster home and gets along well with them. Emily has a healthy appetite and loves to eat! Her foster mother reports she loves calamari, eggs, pancakes and any type of fruit or meat. Emily loves Frozen music and enjoys singing along. She also likes puzzles, painting, playing with dolls and sand. Emily is becoming more and more vocal and expresses what she does and doesn’t like.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, It is recommended that Emily be placed in a two parent family with older or no children in the home. Emily will need a family that is open to maintaining sibling contact and potential contact with his birth mother. Emily is fearful of dogs especially if they bark so a family with dogs may not be the best match for her. Emily will need a family that is able to accommodate her many medical appointments and therapy sessions that will allow her to continue to thrive!

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