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HI! My name is Riley.
I want to own a daycare with a cupcake business inside because all kids love cupcakes!!

And here's what others say...
Riley is a healthy, artistic fourteen-year-old young lady of Caucasian descent. Riley describes herself as a combination of "feisty and silly!" Others say she is resilient, intelligent, cunning, observant and sarcastic. Riley has her own sense of humor that you will grow to love. She is an easy teen to like and has many interests that she enjoys exploring. She especially loves to read, watch television, play the keyboard, play board games and do arts and crafts projects.

Riley loves adult attention but also thrives for peer relationships and is building her friendships through social skills learning. Riley is a smart young lady who requires the support of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in school. She receives social/emotional support as well as some academic assistance. She is currently in a sub-separate classroom within a typical public school that offers additional support to students.

Legally freed for adoption, Riley is open to any family dynamic. She requires a family with firm and consistent, non-emotional parenting skills who can provide a mix of love and nurturance. She wants to be accepted as part of the family and not feel like the "foster kid." She has done well in all family settings and dynamics when the parenting is consistent. Riley thrives when her caretakers are fully engaged in her activities and well being. Her social worker is open to considering any family constellation with or without other children. A family will need to be open to maintaining contact with Riley’s biological sister.

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