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Registration # 5585
D.O.B. 01/02
Rhode Island

HI! My name is Ryan
I can be very humorous!

And here’s what others say…

Ryan is a fourteen-years-old Caucasian boy from Rhode Island. He describes himself as being easy-going and fun to be around. He makes friends easily and can be quite humorous, energetic, and enthusiastic.

He enjoys listening to music, playing the guitar, and loves being outdoors playing sports. Basketball and football are just a couple of sports that he enjoys. He also loves to ride his bike and has become interested in electronics, such as playing with his tablet. He boast s that he can run really fast and that he can dance! Ryan is also creative and enjoys building things such as snow mounds for sledding. He is working on grade level and is able to complete assignments with little assistance. He has a vast variety of occupations that he would like to pursue, like being a professional basketball player, a singer, and having a career in electronics.

Ryan is legally freed for adoption and would do well with two parents (either male and female or two females), with (older children) or without children. He is looking for a family with an active life-style and a home that provides a lot of structure to help Ryan thrive and reach his goals. He would as well do well in a family that fosters his creative side while meeting his energetic needs as well..

You can help bring me closer to finding "a place to call HOME" by filling out the MARE Information Request Form. They will be glad to help you get more information about me.


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